Your hot dog cart party comes with five kinds of delicious gourmet grilled hot dogs. Please see Menu with hot dogs only on it for a list of types of dogs. There will be twenty two different combos and toppings to choose from and even the onions are grilled!

  • Our Barbeque Pulled Pork Sliders

Is slow roasted twelve hours with the thickest best sauce ever made, so good we have won best BBQ two years in a row! We use either a nice soft Italian roll or we can do mini sliders on sweet yeast mini rolls(Less bread, your guest's can eat more that way) any way you choose. The BBQ is simply the best.......Unlimited feeds 35-40 people.
Just for $125

  • White Corn Deluxe Nacho's

We start with warm white corn tortilla chips, then smother them in 100% aged cheddar cheese, chill, grilled, onions,jalapenos, Yummy... A true crowd pleaser!! Unlimited feeds 35-40 people
Just for $62.00

  • Pasta Salad

The salad is to die for... tri colored pasta with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onions, black olives and lots of feta cheese with a light balsamic vinalgrette dressin. So good you will go back a few times for this one! Unlimited feeds 35-40 people.
Just for $65.00

    • The Famous House Salad

Romaine Lettuce and Spring Mix Lettuce together with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and croutons Also: cheese on the side parmesan cheese, your guest's can help themselves. Two types of dressings either Ranch or Balsamic. Unlimited feeds35-40 people.
Just for $53.00

  • Angus 100% Pure Beef Burger

1/4 LB Burger with everything on it! Lettuce, tomatoes,grilled onions,chili, cheese all on a seeded big bun...Unlimited Feed 35-40 people.
Just for $132.00

These are the most ordered extra add on menu items. All items are fresh and Delicious. Look over all of the menus and get back with us. Please remember this is a very busy time of year for Hot Dogge Depot
Please let us know ASAP so we can hold your special day for you.



Thank You, Victoria

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